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Mid Autumn 2024: Cherished [Pre-Order]

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Embrace the spirit of reunion and togetherness this Mid Autumn Festival with our Cherished giftset. 

Savour the artistry of floral and tea-infused mooncakes and Wagashi, inspired by the legendary Jade Rabbit and the enchanting blooms that flourish under the luminous moon.

Elegantly presented in a bamboo box with a leather handle, embodying the spirit of celebration and cherished heritage. Customize it with your logo and branding, perfect for corporate events, client appreciation, and employee gifts during the blissful Mid Autumn Festival celebration. 

[Mid Autumn 2024Cherished] 

What's in the Box?

Set A: 4x Premium Baked Mooncakes set

  • 4x Premium Baked Mooncakes 170g (Royale Osmanthus, Azuki Red Bean, Violet Harmony & Toffee Butterscotch flavour)
  • 2x Chinese Tea (random flavour)
  • 1x Rabbit shaped velvet pouch
  • 1x Limited Edition Mid Autumn Message Card
  • 1x Bamboo box with leather handle (size: 17cm x 15cm x 15cm)

Set B: 4x Mid Autumn Wagashi set  [Deliver to KL/ PJ only]

  • 4x Wagashi (Sakura, Matcha, Black Sesame & Osmanthus flavours)
  • 2x Chinese Tea (random flavour)
  • 1x Rabbit shaped velvet pouch
  • 1x Limited Edition Mid Autumn Message Card
  • 1x Bamboo box with leather handle (size: 17cm x 15cm x 15cm)

Premium Baked Mooncakes [Less Sweet] :

  • Premium Baked Mooncakes [Less Sweet] :  Available in 4 exquisite flavours: Royale Osmanthus, Azuki Red Bean, Violet Harmony & Toffee Butterscotch flavor. The mooncakes are packed and sealed individually, halal-certified. Expiry date: End of October 2024.
  • Royale Osmanthus: Indulge in the opulence Royale Osmanthus mooncake, infused with a delicate fragrance of osmanthus flowers. This mooncake combines the subtle sweetness of floral osmanthus, blends with the richness of our signature lotus paste filling.
  • Azuki Red Bean Milk: Savor the perfect blend of rich, creamy Azuki red bean mooncake, with smooth mung bean filling - a delectable delight for your Mid Autumn celebration.
  • Violet Harmony: Experience the perfect harmony of flavors Violet Harmony mooncake, crafted with the finest taro and sweet potato, complemented by the delightful chewiness of mochi fillings. Each bite is a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving for more.
  • Toffee Butterscotch: Savor the rich, velvety flavors of toffee and butterscotch with our Toffee Butterscotch mooncake, crafted for a premium indulgent Mid Autumn celebration.

Mid Autumn Wagashi:

  • Wagashi are sweet Japanese confections crafted from bean paste. Available in 4 delectable flavours: rich premium indulgence of Matchanutty richness of roasted Black Sesame, delicate floral notes of Sakura  and Osmanthus with subtle sweetness. Each Wagashi is meticulously handcrafted to perfection, inspired by the Jade Rabbit and blooming flowers
  • Best to consume within 1-3 days. Need to be kept refrigerated. It can be kept refrigerated up to 3 days and keep frozen up to 7 days. Made of pork-free ingredients, no preservative.


  • The Mid Autumn Wagashi are only available for delivery to KL or PJ areas only (not applicable for nationwide delivery). For wagashi, kindly select delivery method via Lalamove only.
  • For nationwide delivery, kindly select Premium Baked Mooncakes. The premium baked mooncakes are Halal-certified, individually wrapped and sealed. 
  • The products are made of Halal ingredients, Muslim friendly & Halal certified
  • The mooncake does not come with bamboo/Japanese tray, or additional props used for the photoshoot
  • All photos have been edited and filtered, therefore colour may vary slightly from actual product.
  • Please note that in the event that decorations/flowers becomes unavailable, we reserve the right to replace it with a similar items with different colors/designs, with equal or greater value.

Shipping Info: 

  • The early bird promo with RM30 off is available until 31st July 2024. 
  • For this early bird pre-order, the delivery will start on 22 July 2024 onwards.
  • You can pre-order in advance and select your preferred date for delivery (for selected Klang Valley areas only) . For specific delivery date, please select Lalamove only as the delivery method (Klang Valley only) and state the delivery date under the remark column.
  • Please note that for standard shipping, specific delivery date is unavailable. It will be shipped out within 3-5 days.
  • We offer to Malaysia (nationwide) and Singapore. For standard shipping, the orders will be shipped within 3-5 days to West Malaysia and 7-14 working days to East Malaysia and Singapore.

Add your logo on the giftset with MOQ as low as 30 units. Get in touch with us via email enquiry@bowandribbons.co or Whatsapp us at 011-3300 6288 for custom corporate gifts and bulk order to enjoy special corporate rates